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On 22nd November 2007, Acacia Training Ltd were reassessed for the Investors in People quality mark. The outcome was successful and this achievement is highly valued by the organisation.  

Anne Littleton, Managing Director explains,

" Here at Acacia Training, we value our staff and their opinions. We are very pleased at being awarded IIP again as we feel that we all work hard and strive for excellence. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the assessment.”

 Summary of the report:

 “The Assessor is satisfied beyond any doubt that the Acacia Training and Consultancy Ltd continues to meet the requirements of the Investors in People Standard.”

Achievements and celebrations

“Directors in consultation with the staff have defined clear values and standards”

“The assessor was able to establish positive progress in how staff had greater levels of empowerment”

“Without any hesitation the staff described an open and inclusive style of management

reflected in culture and values of the organisation.”

“The work life balance type strategies have contributed to creating a more flexible workforce.”

“There is a high degree of trust and commitment.”

“Assessors were highly focused on the needs of the learners and adapted their style to suit the learners.”

“Staff were highly focused on the needs of candidates and the quality of service given.”

“There were numerous examples of coaching and pastoral support especially for the younger / newer members of staff.”

“All staff had clear accountability within their roles.”


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